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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Food for your external Beauty!

  1. Crushed oats or ground greengram with a little amount of curd or water can be a good scrub for your skin.
  2. 2 parts of Besan flour or Chickpea flour and 1 part of 'Kasthuri Manjal' also known as 'Curcuma aromatica' is good for acne. The besan flour actually removes the excess oil and the Manjal' is a good antiseptic for your skin. 1/2 part of cooking turmeric can be used instead of the 'Kasthuri manjal'. But be careful while using turmeric the color may stain your dress.
  3. Before shampooing your hair just massage your hair with coconut oil. Massage oil to the skull. Leave it for minimum 30 mins. It leaves your hair soft and shiny.

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